Archived Shows
Episode 160

TACS 160 - Fusilli Anthony

TACS begins another week with the latest on George Zimmerman, Ant’s weekend shenanigans, we hear about the two officers shot in Mississippi, a Subway employee fired for her comments on social media, and KtC talks about attending Brian Moore’s funeral. We then find out that Morgan Freeman is a stoner,... More

Episode 114

TACS 114 Chinese New Year Special

Another TACS week comes to a close with a reminder that Anthony will be on The Corrigan Show tonight, we hear what Obama has to say this time about ISIS, Ant gives his thoughts and views on the whole situation, and a few callers get their opinions in as well.... More

Episode 92

TACS 092

Ant tells us about the feedback he saw on Reddit regarding his appearance on Adam Carolla, he sets the records straight about an Opie and Corolla feud, and Ant defends his Billy Joel tweet from last night. We learn that “Morality in Media” thinks the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”... More