Archived Shows
Episode 489

TACS 489 with Will Noonan

On today’s wacky hair episode, Anthony talks with Will Noonan about Garrett’s shitty picture, Sandy Kane, disposable cameras, dick pics, the old days of photography versus now, and animal videos. The guys go on to chat about “hurting” people, SJW’s, Caitlyn Jenner, Kayne and Kim, The Cardassians, trolling kids, electronics... More

Episode 384

TACS 384 with Ian Halperin and Owen Benjamin

Ant starts the show by talking about his plea deal and big disgusting asses, Owen Benjamin and Ian Halperin take a seat to discuss Garrett’s artwork, comedy reaction by race and gender, comparing the present to history, Loretta Lynch, explaining jokes, and a caller tells us about getting fired for... More

Episode 367

TACS 367 with Des Bishop

Anthony kicks off a new day of sobriety ranting about public transportation, cumming all over the latest with Casey Anthony, revisiting “cat shit crazy girl” and her cat Freddie, and we pick apart Scorch on “Justice with Judge Mablean.” Des Bishop joins the show to talk about Ant’s sobriety, clubs... More

Episode 17

East Side Dave Show 017

Today’s ESDS starts with a monologue covering The GLAAD Awards, Caitlyn Jenner, Robert De Niro, raping Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Trump, James Van Der Beek, and Lamar Odom. After a gorgeous medley, Dave attempts Roy’s Alpine bells, wishes his son a happy birthday, begs for dough, gives and takes points, they... More

Episode 16

East Side Dave Show 016 - More Shizer

Today’s show begins with a monologue that includes news on Steph Curry, a presidential cock fight, more money begging, Boaty McBoatface, cheese-grating your tits, Anthony Cumia, and White Jared. After Roy and Dave dedicate a song to Ant, we hear about Roy and his buddy Mike Francesa, find out Dave... More

Episode 358

TACS 358 with Ernie Hudson and Ian Halperin

FINALLY Anthony is back and we hear about his last days of freedom, he breaks down his month “abroad,” the clientele at the facility, “campus life,” meeting participation, his roomies, and the enlightenment he gained from the experience. Ernie Hudson takes seat with Ant to talk about his early career,... More

Episode 346

TACS 346 with Colin Quinn and Bobo

It’s TACS we’ve all been waiting for with Colin Quinn and Bobo picking apart a Hillary Clinton/SNL/subway clip, discussing John Rocker’s comments, Jim Norton’s fancy pants apartment, “CP time,” the presidential candidates, neighborhood changes, CQ’s pull, and Jerry Seinfeld. The guys yap about the Mets, Caitlyn Jenner’s big O, name... More