Archived Shows
Episode 478

TACS 478 with Matt Iseman, and Esther Ku

Ant begins the day with the news of John Glenn’s death, Esther Ku and Matt Iseman take a seat to further discuss John Glenn’s death, the remake of The Magnificent Seven, terrible remake movies, Esther’s Twitter picture and boy body, and we check out some of Esther’s music videos. The... More

Episode 391

TACS 391 with Joe Matarese

Today Anthony discusses Hillary’s latest speech, nutty Trump, delegating responsibility, over obvious pandering, structured (and unstructured) prisons, and Joe Matarese takes a seat to chat about public and personal transportation issues, theme songs, and we revisit the old “Live From the Compound” opening. They go on to bag on CHiPs... More

Episode 378

TACS 378 with Joe Matarese, and Ben Gleib

Greasy Dego Anthony beings the day talking about the latest news on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David, the news reporting on the Orlando shooting, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on terrorism, knowing what our founding fathers were thinking, needing a militia, dealing with “radical Islam,” and Ant attempts to... More

Episode 242

TACS 242 with Jim Norton

Tuesday’s TACS starts with Anthony explaining his star-studded afternoon and while we wait for Jim Norton to join the show, “special guest” Dave Smith sits in to defend his last appearance, talk about men’s magazines, feminism, men shaming, slut shaming, and Dave then gets the ol' boot so Jimmy “I... More