Archived Shows
Episode 307

The Gavin McInnes Show 307

Today on TGMS, Gavin doesn't like deadlines, listens to Blood on the Risers, and dissects baseball's intentional walk rule. Cale Hartmann comes in studio and they rehash the allegations against him, hear audio from that night, look into Casey Affleck's allegations, and check out some videos.

Episode 174

TACS 174 - Fakeity Fake Fake

This fine week ends with a lesson on what not to wear in front of a green screen, Ant discusses the documentary “Vietnam in HD,” history repeating itself, combat documentaries, he announces that Tom Shillue will be the new host of Red Eye, and we learn all about female Viagra.... More

Episode 173

TACS 173 - Tallywackers

TACS begins with feedback on last night’s Legion of Skanks, a driveway update, Ant shows us a video of a real life stunt car, Beavis makes a long overdue appearance, we learn what “rollin’ coal” is, and see a dashcam car bomb. Anthony discusses a news story about a possible... More

Episode 153

TACS 153 with Rick Shapiro

After some quick details on Rat’s Apple Watch, Anthony gets into a bit of a recap on yesterday’s super show, talks about the goings on in Baltimore overnight, changes in racism, accepting opportunity, sense of community, misplaced anger, childlike reactions to frustration, and government dependency. He then plays a passionate... More

Episode 144

TACS 144 with Sig Hansen and Jake Anderson

Monday begins finding out that SiriusXM wants Ant back, we briefly hear about his gig with Brother Joe in Patchogue, and get a few movie recommendations from Anthony’s weekend watching. Captain Sig and Jake from the Northwestern on Deadliest Catch join TACS via Skype to talk about their crabbing season,... More