The Artie and Anthony Show

The Artie and Anthony Show

Episode 83

The AA Show 083

Anthony begins the day with Chad Zumock discussing Artie’s absence, his “Twitter beef” with O.J. Simpson’s lawyer Malcolm P. LaVergne, Malcolm calls in to explain a few things, and Aaron Berg joins the guys to chat about Yamaneika Saunders snapping off on Doug Stanhope and her shitty ass attitude and... More

Episode 82

The AA Show 082

On today’s #TheAAShow, Gilbert Gottfried joins Anthony to talk about Artie missing the show today, Gilbert’s documentary, the influence of TV and movie, going to the movies as kids, and Aziz Ansari and his “claw.” They go on to discuss the recent string of “sexual harassment,” Robert De Niro losing... More

Episode 78

The AA Show 078

After a bit of technical difficulty, Artie and Anthony begin the show talking about Vegas shooting conspiracies, celebrity hair, Hitler interviews, crime syndicates, and they discuss just how much people love them. Dave Juskow joins the guys and they go on to chat about Mike Bocchetti, racist cats, Bob Uecker,... More