INFO: Hansen vs Predator Campaign

After being asked repeatedly on social media whether there will ever be another investigation, CHRIS HANSEN, creator of Dateline NBC’s wildly popular “To Catch A Predator,” which ran on Dateline NBC from 2004-2008, is finally answering with a resounding: YES.

This time he’s taking to Kickstarter to engage fans in the process and to raise funds for a brand new web series. Make no mistake: Chris is the biggest backer of the project thus far, and he’s recruited a world-class production team and availed himself of the most sophisticated investigative tools to assist in this quest to bring predators to justice.

The new series “Hansen vs. Predator,” will reflect changes in the social media landscape and include a new generation of connected electronic devices. According to Hansen, “with this investigation, we will continue to raise awareness of the ongoing threat of sexual predators targeting underage children.”

Hansen hopes to raise awareness and create a dialogue that has been missing since the Dateline show wrapped in 2008. Proceeds from the campaign will go toward production of the new series, and backers of the project will receive a number of rewards and limited edition experiences.

The campaign on Kickstarter will end on May 15th at 9 a.m.