Episode 154

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 154

Artie, Anthony, Owen Benjamin, and Rory Albanese have a gun debate. Mornin' talks about the dead Russian spy and the new leader of the CIA. Crime Report covers the history of lynchings. In Hot Water looks into Richard Simmons not being a tranny. Michael Malice talks about the downside of fitness with Pat Flynn. Kevin Brennan and Bill Schulz work out their beef on Burning Bridges. Taleeb Starkes won't blame white people. East Side Dave puts Flutesy on the Shizer List.

Episode 20

Trump - 020

Episode 153

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 153

Artie, Anthony, Jim Norton, and WIll Noonan watch Anthony walk in NYC. Mornin'!!! hears Lauren Sivan's first class story. Crime report covers incest in Florida. In Hot Water walks to RuPaul. Michael Malice debates Tom Woods over who's the biggest villain, Wilson or FDR. Kevin Brennan recaps his fight with Dave Landau. Taleeb Starkes listens to Tariq Nasheed's R&B song. East Side Dave does Roy's Safari sketch.

Episode 19

Trump - 019

Episode 152

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 152

Artie, Anthony and Dave Landau talk about poker tells in movies and celebrities in jail. Mornin' talk to the producer and director of BIllboard Boys. Crime Report covers a train fire in Chicago. In Hot Water welcomes a transgender rugby player. Michael Malice answers calls from listeners. Kevin Brennan takes an angry phone call. Taleeb Starkes looks into Black Panther's success. East Side Dave hears about Roy's vacation on mushrooms.

Episode 18

Trump - 018

Episode 4

The Morning Show 004

Episode 17

Trump - 017

Episode 3

The Morning Show 003

Episode 151

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 151

Artie and Anthony make fun of Matt Iseman. Mornin' watches a robot open a door. Crime Report covers Greece and Grease 2. In Hot Water welcomes the Racist Quarter. Michael Malice and Matt Iseman detest cynicism. Taleeb Starkes checks out Obama's Presidential portrait. East Side Dave plays Crazy Puerto Rican Woman Plays the Flute.

Episode 16

TRUMP - 016

Episode 150

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 150

Anthony, Artie, and Jackie Martling talk about their arrests and the JFK assassination. Bill Schulz talks to Gavin McInnes about eating Tide pods. Donald Trump stops by Crime Report. In Hot Water talks to OJ's lawyer. Michael Malice discusses night clubs with Dan Gluck and Serge Becker. Kevin Brennan gets invited to Louis CKs super bowl party. East Side Dave breaks Donkey Kong news with Billy Mitchell.