Chris Wilson

Digital Director for Maxim Magazine

Mornin'!!! 080

Bill and Joanne yap it up about goats (?!), their show logo, and a possible Ryan Seacrest assault, and Chris Wilson, Josh Carter, and Samantha Judge Terrio take a seat to discuss an Andre the Giant documentary. We watch an old Coke ad, they talk about Amy Schumer, “you up”... More

Mornin'!!! w/ Bill Schulz 060

Bill starts the show bitching about BOLD and recapping yesterday’s guest Derek Waters, we see a car losing control, hear Megyn Kelly clap back on Jane Fonda, and Chris Wilson, Samantha Judge Terrio, Barret Swatek, and Noam Dworman sit panel to talk more about Megyn Kelly. They also discuss Alcoholics... More