Artie Lange

Comedian, Co-Host of The Artie & Anthony Show M-Th 4-6p

East Side Dave Show 066

Dave begins the ESDS with news on Tiger Woods, Bryce Harper, Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry, Bill Cosby being afraid of poisoning, Lou Ferrigno getting rowdy, and a deaf actor that is pissed at Jamie Foxx. After a quick song, we hear about Roy’s nervous breakdown, Dave brings up Roy’s... More

TACS 426 with Artie Lange and Maryjean

Ant begins the day yapping on political tactics, Bill Clinton on his wifey, Colin Powell’s e-mails, we hear an O&A clip being used by Hillary, and eagerly await Hillary’s reappearance. Ant comments on Ellen’s appearance, a crazy episode of Dr. Phil, reminisces on “sad” episodes of Maury Povich, and Artie... More